Managing COVID at the Studios

Radio Garage Covid Protocols

Please click on the video above to see our C19 procedures in action.

Mission: Provide a clean, low contact environment where the safety of visitors, employees, and talent are the top priority. 
Each morning, fresh equipment is already in each booth. 
Contact areas are cleaned using commercial disinfectants. 
Microphones are preset for voice talent height, and headphones remain sealed. 
Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and thermometers are provided at the front door. Pre-screened talent rings into the building and is directed (no contact) down individual hallways directly to the assigned  booth. 

Once inside the booth, the talent removes the clean headphones from a sealed bag. Multiple cameras and large screen monitors allow the talent and engineer to interact with the client or agency using  popular sound and conferencing platforms. Platform options include: 
  • Zoom Conferencing 

  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Skype  

  • GoToMeeting 
  • SourceConnect

  • Blue Jeans

  • phone patch options 
After the session is complete and the talent leaves, the team, using gloves and masks, removes the items and surfaces that could  
be contact points. Entrance and exit door handles, light switches and frames are cleaned. The room receives a disinfectant spray,  
and then fresh equipment is replaced in preparation for the next session. 

At the end of each day all sound booths are emptied of equipment. 
A High Wattage Ultraviolet UVC light (250-260nm λ wavelength) is placed in each booth for 8-10 minutes (booth dependent).  The UVC light disinfects those surfaces that are not easily cleaned with sprays and wipes including: Acoustic foam, Soundproof curtains, carpet, glass, upholstery, and walls.  
Microphones, pop filters, headphones, cameras, & music stands are cleaned with special disinfectant wipes. Some sensitive equipment can be damaged by liquid cleansers.  These items are placed in a sealed rotating container and treated with a lower wattage UVC light. 
Cleaned and secured equipment is then placed in a staging area and the sound booths are reset for the next day’s sessions.