We're back!  As long as you've had your Covid shots,

sign up for Voice Acting classes that begin June 8th!

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Voice acting is a blast! You talk and get paid for it! Most of the people you meet in the studio are great. You’re the center of attention during the session. Sometimes you get to play a character. Sometimes you get to play yourself. There’s no heavy lifting or strict dress-code. 

Did we mention…you get PAID for TALKING?


This is where you get started and sign up for voice-over class!

We'll meet for 8 consecutive Tuesdays at 6pm.

Each class lasts about an up to to 90 minutes and you'll be in the studio on the first night recording your voice.

Class is designed to give you the basics of successful voice-over for radio, television, film and narrations.

We have a maximum of eight students in each class.  

Location: Radio Garage - Urbandale, IA 

Cost for the entire course is $495 (includes a demo file for your use!)


*****Class fee is non-refundable unless we don't hold class.*****

If you’re interested in class but have questions or are not 100% sure you want to give it a try, give us a call.

You can read a few scripts for us and get a feel for what voice over work is really like before you pay for class.


Taking our class does not guarantee that you will be able to perform as a voice-actor. We don't want to discourage anyone because we are always looking for talented new voice-actors. But a career in voice-over work is much more than having a wonderful sounding voice. A voice actor must be able to read a script and sound authentic, as if they really know what they’re talking about. And it’s not as easy as it sounds. It takes practice. We’ve found that people have a better chance of becoming a voice actor if they have experience in the arts that require practice and interpretation.  Things like acting, singing or playing a musical instrument. If you’re not comfortable with practicing, you may not want to take this class.

2021 VO Class


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Very few actors can make a full-time living with voice work, but some do!  A typical session in studio can take as few as 15 minutes to as much as 3 hours.  Sessions occur during business hours (8-5) and may include an engineer, director, agency, and/or clients. 

You'll be expected to be prompt, courteous, professional, and to take good care of your voice,

Pay can range from as little as $100 for a local radio spot, to $1,000s for a national, repeating, or exclusive voice gig.

What's it like to work as a

Here at Radio Garage we've produced over 40,000 projects.  A majority of our work involves Voice-Over for:

  • Radio Commercials

  • TV Commercials

  • E-Learning & Instructional

  • Video Narration

  • Telephone On-Hold Msg

  • SAP & Multilingual

  • Pre-Recorded Announcements

  • Voice replacement (ADR)

  • Audio Books

  • Characters for Animation

  • Foreign Film/Video Dubbing

  • Remote Studio Recording

What work is available?

Unlike other recording studios, we're not only top recording engineers, but we're also award-winning directors, voice coaches, marketing professionals, and voice actors too!

We want only the best talent for our clients so we work hard to ensure you're the best you can be.

If you make our talent roster, we'll  invest in you and do everything possible to help you become a successful voice over actor.

Why Radio Garage?