No car parts or radios here...

Just Galactic Quality Voice Overs

Free Stuff

The List

  • Auditions - send us your script and we'll send you some takes. Make sure the voice you like really IS the voice you like.
  • Script editing - need your script timed or just edited a little bit? Send it over and we'll put on some finishing touches. Always happy to help out.
  • Casting - sure you can listen to every voice on our voice actor pages and make as many selections as you like. If you'd like help narrowing down your choices, just let us know and we'll send demos or auditions to your email.
  • Ideas - Off-the-wall concepts to staid over-used clichés - we've got 'em and we love to share. Let's talk about your next project!
  • Estimates - how much will it cost? Send us a script and we'll let you know a price in advance that you can depend on.
  • Gliders - if you don't have your very own Radio Garage balsa wood glider or your kids/cat/spouse already destroyed it, give us a call and you'll be aviating in no time!
  • Other Stuff - call or write. We've got lots of fun stuff and you can have it for free!