No car parts or radios here...

Just Galactic Quality Voice Overs



When the “on location” voice recordings carry more of the location than the voice, Radio Garage to the rescue. We’ve helped more than a few movie projects improve their audio quality. Imagine what can be done with that tv commercial you shot on location during a howling blizzard at the airport in front of the 747 getting ready to take off. You know, the one where the dog barked the whole time. Ask us about Audio Digital Replacement, (and the pitfalls of recording audio during a blizzard at an airport with a dog.) And why would a 747 be preparing to take off in a howling blizzard anyway? Just asking.


In many cases, the voice that answers the phone is the client’s first impression. Make sure that impression is the right one. When your company is ready for a professional approach to your recorded phone messages, we can help. We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of IVR projects and would love to help you.