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Just Galactic Quality Voice Overs

What's Happening Right Now!

Time for Lunch!

It’s another day in paradise around the Radio Garage. And as always, it’s Take a Client to Lunch Week all this month. So if you’re feeling a bit hungry, give us a call and we’ll meet you someplace for lunch. No kidding, it’ll be fun, you’ll see. It’s what we do and we really miss having lunch with you so please call us. If you live in California or South Dakota or Missouri or Michigan or any place else, you’ll need to come to Des Moines, but that’s the only requirement besides having an appetite.


We’re living the dream today and you should probably join us! We’ve got all the Chocolate and Coca-Cola you could want. So stop by and we’ll get you fixed up.

Radio Talk Thursdays!

If it’s Thursday, it’s Radio Talk time. If you’re familiar with “Talk like a Pirate Day” then you know how this works. Just remember those fabulous announcers with a bubble in their throat and endless patter about weather, traffic and sports. For a demonstration, give us a call and we’ll talk you in!

Windows Cleaned

Yeah, we’ve got a ton of windows and we clean them whenever we get a chance. Since we just finished up you should stop by and see your reflection as you take a tour of the studio. You’ll get a chance to see Phil the Moose and Stumpy the Groundhog. Talk about a fulfilling day!