No car parts or radios here...

Just Galactic Quality Voice Overs

Meet the Gang

Steve Mathews - Owner, Head Audio Mechanic

If there’s a golf course nearby he’s probably played it. On weekends he sings and plays drums for his band, “Get Off My Lawn“. He also “camps” as often as possible, just ask him about his motor-home. The rest of time he has Real Fun voicing and producing great audio. Steve has one of the most versatile voices you’ll ever hear with the perfect tone and inflection for any audio project. Award winning voice-over and national quality production, it’s all part of Steve’s diabolical plan to rid the world of “bad creative”.

Jay Weiss - Audio Mechanic

When you’ve worked in audio production as long as Jay has, you might think you’ve seen it all. Not so with Jay Weiss. Everyday and every session is a great new adventure. Jay was an on-air personality at KIOA with Steve Mathews. Just a few years and a few radio stations later, Jay left the glory and fame of the air-waves and came to work for Radio Garage. These days you’ll find Jay behind the mixing console churning out award winning voice-over after voice-over. Jay is a great cook and hopes one day all meals will come with extra napkins.

Mike Meacham - Audio Mechanic

Mike started his career in radio working for Frosty Mitchell in Grinnell, Iowa and later programmed the ground-breaking “album station”, KC-14 in Des Moines. He honed his skills as production manager working for some of Des Moines’ favorite radio stations. Finally he came to his senses, struck out on his own and opened Avatar Productions. After 17 years of “solo-fun” (why does he call it that?) he became part of the Radio Garage group of audio addicts. Mike is a talented voice actor and audio engineer. At least that’s what all of his awards say.

Mike Pace - Co-Founder

Mike had a real job once, selling men‘s clothes. It was too much work. After a long day of not selling khaki‘s and blue blazers an idea came to him. And by all accounts, from that day forward, Mike became a “spokesman” and never worked another day in his life. Much more than an actor or just a voice, Mike became the persona of what many businesses want to project….an out of work clothing salesman. Still, his sincere delivery keeps him in demand for on and off-camera work. How he found time to become part owner of Radio Garage we’ll never know. And why did he sell?

Jeff Martin - Parts Manager

He actually begged to get this job. Something he apparently learned from his years in radio advertising sales. Jeff “manages” the office and may answer the phone when you call Radio Garage. He sings and plays guitar in one of Steve’s bands which is probably how he got this cushy job. Jeff’s job duties also include eating lunch and leaving work early. And yes, he‘s got a face for voice over work. Jeff’s goal in life is to be well-rested. So far, so good.